Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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**$299 Monthly Fee


Our Digital Marketing service is simple: we make it easier for people on the internet to find you. Your school needs to be seen, and these days that means one thing: Digital Marketing. In a world where it's increasingly difficult to get people in the door, flyers and performances don't always do the trick anymore. If someone Googles "Martial Arts Near Me", you want - no, you need - to be the first school they see. 


There's no need to learn the complex ins and outs of digital marketing. Let us help. Get listed online and let us make sure you're the first Academy in your area that your future students see.


How It Works


Digital Manager Package

This package is $299 PER MOTH for 6 Months. This includes...

1. One basic Facebook and one Google ad run for the month. The reach (number of people your ad can be shown to) of your add will depend largely on the area in which your school resides.

2. These ads can be updated whenever you like, but only one ad can be run at a time.


Begin with the Digital Manager Package and increase your budget whenever you like. A higher budget equals putting your ad in front of more and more people! 


When to Increase Your Budget


Whenever Running a Sale

Back to School 

New Years

Or whenever you feel like you need a bit of a boost!


You can also increase your budget to add a secondary advertisement.

For example:

You're running one basic ad for your Academy that shows up on Google and Facebook. However, you'll be introducing a new "early morning boxing program". Run a secondary Advertisement specifically for this new program, as well as running the basic ad for your Academy. 



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